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2 Years Advanced Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality & Cruise Management

2 Years Advanced Diploma  Hotel , Hospitality & Cruise Management course is a 2-years Full time Diploma can help open many doors for those pursuing this type of career.


What is 2 Years Advanced Diploma ?

An advanced diploma in hotel management is a deed that proves the holder has attended specific courses in order to build a skill set, marking them ready to manage a hotel environment and its various processes. Obtaining this diploma can help open many doors for those pursuing this type of career.

Career Scope 

Students can get jobs in various government as well as private companies in areas like the airline industry,the food & beverage industry, the tourism industry, the railway industry, the hotel industry, the culinary industry, theme parks, and many more.

Job Profile 

The students after completing the course in MBA in Hotel Management have a lot of career options open up for them. In India, there are various MBA in Hotel Management jobs. 

Students after graduating from the course can work in job areas like travel and tourism, hotels, food chains, event management, theme parks, resorts, airlines etc. Below we have given the job profiles along with their average salary and job description.

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